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pH3B Therapeutic Base (Pro Stylist Only)

pH3B Therapeutic Base (Pro Stylist Only)

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pH3B Therapeutic Base is a multiple use base crème and scalp treatment

Key Benefits:

  • Protects, soothes and calms the skin and scalp
  • Alleviates dry, scaly and itchy scalp conditions
  • Adds moisture to the hair and scalp
  • Promotes hair growth

Key Ingredients:

  • Mineral Oil- reduces inflammation; adds moisture and sheen to the skin and scalp; retains moisture
  • Menthol- naturally derived from peppermint oil; soothes and treats the skin and scalp; alleviates common scalp conditions
  • Camphor- treats itchy scalp and dandruff; promotes hair growth
  • Salicylic Acid- gently exfoliates dry, scaly skin and scalp; treats dandruff; promotes hair growth
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