pH3B Total Hydration Bundle
pH3B Total Hydration Bundle rehydrates thirsty hair using water retention natural ingredients. Key Benefits: Rehydrates the hair Blocks humidity and controls frizz Strengthens the hair Promotes hair growth Sulfate and paraben free Natural and botanical ingredients Lightweight formulations Great for...
$65.00 $60.00
pH3B Fresh Cleanse Shampoo
pH3B Fresh Cleanse Shampoo is a chelating and clarifying shampoo. Key Benefits: Gently exfoliates the hair and scalp Moisturizes and softens Promotes hair growth Detangles Key Benefits: Nourishes the hair Moisturizes the hair and scalp Reduces shedding, Unclogs the follicle...
from $18.00
pH3B Moistureplenish 3n1 Miracle Spray
pH3B Moistureplenish 3n1 Miracle Spray is a natural/organic hair, scalp and skin superior moisturizing emollient spray.  Key Benefits:  Intensely moisturizes, softens and detangles the hair  Improves combability and manageability  Long lasting moisture and shine without build up  Renews dry, compromised...
pH3B Curl ID Essential Growth Oil aka EGO Oil
pH3B Curl ID Essential Growth Oil promotes is a lightweight oil for the hair, body and scalp. Key Benefits: Promotes hair growth All natural essential oils Softens and detangles the hair Non-greasy formula Great to use on the hair, scalp,...
pH3B Total Hydration Leave in Conditioner
pH3B Total Hydration Leave in Conditioner is a moisturizing, detangling and protective leave-in conditioner. Key Benefits: Adds an abundance of weightless moisture Detangles, de-frizz and blocks humidity Heat protector Repairs and strengthens the hair Key Ingredients: Silk Amino Acid  Vitamin...
from $16.00
pH3B Moistureplenish Bundle
pH3B Moistureplenish system adds an abundance of moisture to extremely dry, dull hair without the added weight. Key Benefits: Moisturizes Softens Detangles Promotes hair growth Treats and heals the scalp Improves manageability Deeply conditions Key Ingredients: Shea Butter Cocoa Butter...
$70.00 $65.00
Awakyn Hair & Scalp Reviving Oil
Awakyn Hair & Scalp Reviving Oil stimulates the follicle and promotes hair growth. It soothes and heals the scalp and skin. Great for treating Dandruff and other scalp conditions. Key Benefits: Treats Dandruff Promotes Hair Growth Natural Ingredients  Cruelty free...
pH3B Mirror Reflection Shine Spray
 pH3B Mirror Reflection Shine Spray is a lightweight styling/ finishing shine enhancing spray. Key Benefits: Adds a brilliant shine Heat and UV Protectant Accentuates and enhances finished styles Key Ingredient: Argan Oil- creates soft, silky, shiny hair; tames frizz; adds...
pH3B Total Hydration Shampoo
pH3B Total Hydration Shampoo is a sulfate and paraben free, hydrating, moisturizing and reparative shampoo Key Benefits: Hydrates from the inside out Locks in moisture Improves tensile strength Improves elasticity Makes hair smooth and shiny  Key Ingredients: Panthenol  Glycerin  Vitamin...
from $24.00
pH3B Moistureplenish Conditioner
pH3B Moistureplenish Conditioner is a moisturizing and detangling conditioner.  Key Benefits: Softens and detangles the hair  Improves tensile strength  Smooths the cuticle and reduces frizz  Protects the hair from environmental, heat and mechanical damage  Rich in EFA’s, vitamins and nutrients...
from $18.00
pH3B Total Hydration Masque
pH3B Total Hydration Masque is a complete nourishing, restorative and reparative conditioning treatment. Key Benefits: Restores proper moisture and protein balance Repairs and strengthens hair from the inside out Creates smooth, silky, soft hair Key Ingredients: Argan Oil Hydrolyzed Wheat...
from $24.00
pH3B Mirror Reflection Elixir
pH3B Mirror Reflection Elixir is a lightweight nourishing hair serum Key Benefits: Controls frizz and flyway Adds weightless moisture Light weight and non- greasy Heat protector and humidity blocker  Key Ingredients: Olive Oil Argan Oil Vitamin E 
pH3B Mirror Reflection Foam Wrap
pH3B Mirror Reflection Foam Wrap is a multiple use styling, molding and setting foam Key Benefits: Adds an amazing shine without flaking or heavy build up Dries fast and leaves the hair manageable  Creates a great hold without stiffness  Moisturizes...
from $16.00
Awakyn Restorative Hair Care Bundle
Awakyn Restorative Hair Care Bundle is a complete maintenance system designed to stop shedding/breakage and promote new hair growth utilizing hair growth supplements-niacin, biotin, zinc and hemp seed oil. Key Benefits: Promotes hair growth Treats scalp problems Repairs damaged hair...
$180.00 $125.00
pH3B Curl ID Custard
pH3B Curl ID Custard is a curl enhancing gel designed for wavy to curly hair. Key Benefits: Great for fine hair to medium textured hair Moisturizes and adds shine Gives long lasting curls  Controls frizz Natural ingredients Use on twist...
pH3B Mirror Reflection Edgeformation+Edge brush
pH3B Mirror Reflection Edgeformation is a non -alcohol, moisturizing, firm finish edge control. Key Benefits: Controls and smooths hair line Silky smooth finish Moisturizes Non flaking and no breakage No alcohol Key Ingredients: Jamaican Black Castor Oil Aloe Vera Hydrolyzed...
pH3B Moistureplenish Shampoo
pH3B Moistureplenish Shampoo is a moisturizing, softening and nourishing shampoo.  Key Benefits: • Restores moisture to the hair  Nourishes the hair with natural ingredients and vitamins  Promotes hair growth Strengthens the hair strand  Creates fuller, thicker, healthier hair Key Ingredients:...
from $18.00
Awakyn Hair Therapy Deep Conditioner
Awakyn Hair Therapy Deep Conditioner accelerates hair growth and improves density. Key Benefits: Promotes hair growth Adds moisture Strengthens the hair Eliminates frizz Treats dry, itchy scalp Stimulating Key Ingredients: Biotin Niacin Zinc Hemp Seed Oil Mint Balm
pH3B Curl ID Pudding
pH3B Curl ID Pudding is a curl enhancing creme for curly to coiled hair. Key Benefits: Great for normal to coarse textured hair Moisturizes and adds shine Gives long lasting curls Eliminates frizz  Great hair dress cream Use on twist...
pH3B Mirror Reflection Perfect Spritz
pH3B Mirror Reflection Perfect Hold Spritz is an alcohol free, flexible and buildable hold spray. Key Benefits: Designed with special conditioners Adds an amazing shine Quick release from thermal tools  Pleasantly fragranced Multiple uses- lightly as a hold spray, moderately...
Awakyn Hair Therapy Thickening Shampoo
Awakyn Hair Thickening Shampoo accelerates hair growth and improves density.  Key Benefits: Stimulates hair growth Adds volume and fullness Eliminates frizz Sulfate, paraben and phthlate free Key Ingredients: Niacin Biotin Zinc Hemp Seed Oil
Awakyn Spot On Hair Growth Pomade
Awakyn Spot On Hair Growth Pomade is a hair and scalp treatment that stimulates hair growth and treat scalp conditions. Key Benefits: Lightweight  Hair and scalp repair Increases blood flow Promotes hair growth  Key Ingredients: Biotin Niacin Hemp Seed Oil...
pH3B Mirror Reflection Styling Bundle
Mirror Reflection Styling Bundle has everything you need to get your style picture perfect. Mold, sculpt, twist, curl, lay, slay and more! Key Benefits: Heat and UV protectant Adds moisture Long lasting shine Lightweight Pleasantly fragranced Non-alcohol formulas pH Balanced...
$98.00 $85.00
pH3B Aroma-C Stimulating Bundle
pH3B Aroma-C Stimulating System is designed to stimulate, detoxify and relieve scalp issues such as dandruff, psoriasis and dermatitis. Promotes scalp health and hair growth. Key Benefits: Treats Dandruff and Flaky Scalp Detoxifies Stimulates  Refreshes Promotes Hair Growth Paraben and...
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