About Us

pH3B Healthy Hair Care Solutions- “Perfectly balanced. Perfect pH. Perfect hair.”

 pH3B Hair Care is a premium hair care company offering the highest quality of products for the professional beauty industry. Founded in 2016 by James and Vera Jackson, pH3B was created to address major concerns stylists had about maintaining healthy hair- no matter chemically treated or natural. Both James and Vera had spent 20+ years in the professional beauty industry in various roles working closely with professional stylists. They desired to not only address these concerns but find a solution. In their quest for answers, they discovered three principles to healthy hair. Hair needs a combination of hydration/moisture, protein and a healthy pH. Through thorough research, development and testing, pH3B Healthy Hair Care Solutions was born. 

 pH3B Hair Care offers a full array of hair care systems for all hair types, textures and conditions. Our product line uses an abundance of natural and botanical ingredients and delivers proven performance and positive end results. Each system is designed to distribute complete moisture, sufficient protein and a balanced pH. Our line also offers efficiency in use which in turn has a positive impact on your bottom line.